OK so you’ve gone to the trouble of getting a PowerPoint presentation together. It says everything you want to say about the subject, but it has one major flaw – it needs you there in the flesh to present it. ¬†Unfortunately there is only one of you and you’re busy. So your great presentation sits around gathering dust at the back of your computer. No good to anyone. Well let’s change that. We’ve developed a technique that very effectively transforms your PowerPoint presentations into dynamic videos.

We film your presentation in our Green Screen studio. In post-production we edit in your slides (and any other graphic material you may have), replace the Green Screen background with a suitable graphic, add some titles, music and polish – and voila! A great video out of your presentation. You have just “cloned” yourself. You can now do your presentation to thousands of people in thousands of different locations all at once. We can also translate into different languages and do sub-titles too. What’s not to love?