Interactive Video Training

We are interactive video training specialists. We’ve made the quantum jump from normal video to interactive video. Once you have experienced interactive video you will soon see that it’s the way to go. Our video presenters “listen” and “respond” to questions answered by the trainees by sending them down appropriate learning paths.

Our interactive videos are multi-lingual, so trainees can choose the language they want to be instructed in. They click a button and it continues in their language of choice. The interactive videos can also assess uptake with informal (or formal) questions and provide reports showing each individual trainee’s performance.

It also supports “Mastery Learning” – where we make sure a trainee has grasped a concept before moving forward. Our brand of interactive video combines the best of eLearning and video instruction into one verifiable package. Our extensive video and IT skills have made this possible. We provide local and online delivery platforms.