Mary and Steve Berry

We are a project based production company. We pride ourselves on our ability to get totally involved in projects. This allows us to bring all our talent, skills, experience and resources to the party. This sense of commitment coupled with our intricate knowledge of all things ‘Cape Town’, is what we are known for.

Since the formation of our company 30 years ago, Berry Productions has produced a vast amount of broadcast television content for the SABC, Mnet and eTV.  This translates to over 1500 hours of delivered broadcast material. Since then we have completed 65 episodes of Rainbow Rhythm – a series on South African Music culminating in ‘Thank You Madiba’ a video celebrating Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday shown at a function for 80 000 people in Berlin.

We have produced numerous promos, commercials, and over 200 magazine inserts for broadcast and corporate clients. Other clients include Pearson SA, Microsoft, S A Tourism, Nike, Bacardi, DGB, Kimberley Clarke, Canon Copiers and Rainbow Chickens as well as a collaborative venture on the feature film Unrequited Love.

These days we spend a lot of our time creating web videos for YouTube channels.  No two days are the same.

Berry Productions – A brief history of our time

Skills Development and Social Investment